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Enclosed are some of my patients’ and former patients’ stories.  They were skeptical when they were in your shoes.  But they realized they needed help, were at their wits end and discovered they needed to take pro-active action.The best answer to your concerns comes from my patients, who have actually benefited from care.  I can assure you, all of these people are real and their comments are real…. they are people (just like you and me) with everyday issues, concerns, worries, joys and desires for a happy life!


test“After viewing my MRI results, it was explained to me by a surgeon that I had a slipped my L4-L5 disc out enough where it was leaning on my sciatic nerve. This was causing pain to go down my left leg with numbness and paralysis on my left foot.  I was told that I was in immediate need of surgery.  I had a left foot that prevented me from walking straight.  I did not know which direction to turn.  Suddenly my fellow co-worker referred me to Dr. Michael Guadagnino, who is the chiropractic physician of the NY NJ Non-Surgical “Spinal Decompression Center. The same surgeon that had explained my injury to me through my MRI results, had nothing good to say about the N NJ Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Center, and also stated that there is no way it will fix my L4-L5 disc. It had made me feel nervous and hopeless.  I had decided to go with the treatments from Dr. Guadagnino in April. I could remember my first treatment, and how comfortable and painless it was.  The first thing that went through my mind was that “this is too painless to make me better”. I started to see gradual results by mid May.  When June arrived, my sciatic nerve pain disappeared.  Now I am at the point where I weight train intensely again BUT a lot smarter.  Thank you Dr. Guadagnino, you fixed me up with your DRX9000 treatment”
  Michael Hilbert

This is just to say thanks on hundred times over for the great help you were to me in my time of need.”“This spring, summer and fall I am working for my third year as a Caddy at one of the local country clubs.  Were it not for you, I would simply be relegated to sitting home and a future of inactivity.”“Please don’t ever hesitate to list me as a reference if a new patient is inquiring about your services.  Thank you again for being the great doctor that you are!”
Gregory Sedlacek

test“I have been suffering form lower back pain for over 13 years as a result of 2 herniated discs.  Over the years I have been informed that only surgery would ease the pain (that was not in my book).  Been introduced to the DRX9000 and been treated at Dr. M Guadagnino’s office in Ramsey NJ, was the best thing that happened for me.  For almost 2 years the pain in my lower back was constant, a series of treatment at Dr. G’s office relieved the pain.  The service from Dr. G and staff is friendly and pleasant. During treatment I’m so relaxed I fall asleep.  This is one doctor’s office I look forward to go to.  I would recommend anyone having back problems to experience the DRX9000 at Dr.G’s office you won’t regret it.”Thanks Dr. G & Staff.


Junior Flemming

“I don’t think that I will ever be able to repay you for what you did for me!  I do thank you!”  
Margaret White

I could not straighten my body without excruciating pain.  My wife suggested that I see Dr. Guadagnino.  My wife made the appointment that Monday morning.  I could hardly walk, but I did make it to Dr. Guadagnino’s office.  After approximately 4 treatments, I was feeling much better.  I’m now able to bend from the waist, and stand straight without any pain at all.  I’m pain free!”“The treatments administered by Dr. Guadagnino were painless, and very relaxing (I sometimes dozed).  I definitely would recommend relative and/or friends to use Dr. Guadagnino’s services when needed.”
Minas Kasbarian

“I want to write this letter of appreciation for returning my Mom to good health.”“Somehow she severely injured here back while doing outside chores.  She injured her back so badly that she could not get out of bed the following day.  She was in excruciating pain.  She hated the thought of going to bed at nights as she knew it would be very painful for her to get out of be.  She became gravely concerned for her health as she is now 80-years-old.  She thought she would never again be well.”“Not believing that she must live the remainder of her years in pain, I came upon your ad in the paper and made and appointment.”“Within a few weeks of treatment, she no longer dreaded going to bed and she can now once again, carry her great-grandchildren in her arms.  She can also tend to her garden chores without fear of debilitating back pain.  She has been pain free for many months now and is most appreciative of your good care.”“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
Irmgard Santaiti

test“I had severe back pains and couldn’t get a good nights sleep.  And besides that I was having problems with my knee joints.  I visited Dr. “G” and in a few weeks started to feel better.  I do not have any back problems now and my knee joints are giving me less pain.” He is terrific!!  Besides he has a great personality – listens intently, is patient and is extremely knowledgeable.”
Harvey Krieger




I have suffered for years with arthritis, sciatica discomfort and severe pain.  The treatment at Dr. Guadagnino’s office has helped and the pain is alleviated almost immediately.  It is worth the trip” 
Carol Akridge

I came to Dr. Guadagnino’s at the suggestion of my niece, a massage therapist.  After 8 months in extreme pain, of unsuccessful treatments (physical therapy –  pain meds – shots – daily massages) I started “Spinal Decompression Therapy”. It has been very Successful!  I had intermittent back problems since my teens (now 68).  Thank God this treatment is now available.
Claire Chaparian

About fourteen years ago I developed the first signs of spinal stenosis.  This condition caused pain in my lower back and legs while standing or walking.  The pain was manageable at first but it has greatly increased over the years.  Back surgery was considered to but the only as a remedy, it was also deemed to be high risk at my age (I am now 77).  Other attempts to get some relief included epidurals, pain patches and pain medication.  Nothing helped.Kind of a last resort I had a consultation with Dr. Guadagnino regarding the DRX9000 program.  This consultation included a physical examination of my back, tests to determine my degree of movement and a review of my MRI.  I really thought it was unlikely that this program would correct my problem but I was even more concerned that it might result in even more pain.Dr. Guadagnino assured me that regardless of the degree of improvement, there would be no negative effects.  He did agree that a complete elimination of my condition was probably not likely at this pain, but he felt certain that the very least my pain would be significantly reduced.His analysis proved to be correct.  While I still fee the effects of my condition while standing or walking THE PAIN HAS BEEN GREATLY REDUCED over what it was before the treatment.  These results leave no doubt in my mind that had this treatment been available fourteen years ago, my condition could have been completely corrected.  Therefore I would strongly recommend Dr. Guadagnino’s treatment to anyone with back problems, and as my history would indicate the sooner the better.  Conversely I would stress that it’s never too late regardless of the time span of the condition or of age.  It may be no longer possible to completely turn back the clock, but it will be significantly reduce your pain and discomfort going forward.
John Bruno

I had two bulging discs (L4 & L5) in my back and had been suffering with constant back pain for years.  I tried physical therapy for many months to no avail.  I didn’t want to live on pain killers and was warned not to have surgery unless absolutely necessary.  I never thought I would experience the results I received from the DRX9000 but was willing to try anything to relieve my pain.  While on the DRX9000 I experienced immediate relief, however it took 3 – 4 weeks to transfer the relief to my daily life.  I’ve gone from saying “I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be pain free” to “It has literally given my life back to me”.  At work I am sometimes required to work long hours, wearing a weighted belt.  It is no longer an issue.  I rave about the DRX9000 to anyone I meet with any back problems.  Dr. Guadagnino Thank You So Much.
John Berardi

“You are the only doctor that helped me.  Every time I came to your office you relieved the pain and pressure I was feeling You immediately found the cause of the problem and started treating it.  I had been to several doctors before you and received the wrong treatment each time.
Even after my accident it was you who helped me with the pain.  Not only are you excellent at your profession, you have an amazing way of making people feel special and welcome.  You were always so kind and understanding. You let me come to the office for treatment whenever I needed.  I never had to wait for an appointment.  I hope you know what a great doctor and person you are.  Thank you for everything.”
Shirley Young

“The pain was excruciating, debilitating and just crippling;  I was unable to walk!  When I arrived at Dr. G’s office I was immediately attended to.  Doctor said  “I can help you” but first get an MRI.  It turned out I had “three” herniated discs and then decided to place my trust in Dr. G’s hands.  I went through 20 spinal decompression therapy sessions and it was after the 2nd treatment my pain began to subside.   With each consecutive session I was able to regain my walking capability until the pain was completely gone.  This therapy is nothing short of a MIRACLE and anyone with an injury like mine is making a mistake by not coming into Dr G’s office and trying this relaxing therapy regardless of past treatments.  Put your TRUST in Dr. Guadagnino’s hands.  I did and am living again pain free!”

John Dinallo

I suffered from severe Sciatica pain for over 10 years due to disc herniations, degenerative disc disease and spondylolithesis.  I tried therapy, epidurals, stim and manipulation treatments to alleviate the pain and all of these failed.  Finally I read about the DRX9000, convinced my doctor to invest in it and was finally relieved of my daily sciatica pain.  This treatment program TRULY WORKS and I highly recommend it to candidates in need of therapy as an alternative to surgery, which may not work.
Brett Bullock

I have had chiropractic care for many years.  In 2006 I noticed the adjustments weren’t helping as they had in the past and so I had an MRI and X-rays which showed scoliosis ands spondylolisthesis.  I continued with chiropractic care and added massage therapy. Both only gave me temporary relief.In 2009 I injured my knee and had an MRI of the knee and the lumbar spine.  The MRI of the knee showed an intra-meniscal tear and bursitis.  I learned later, form Dr. Guadagnino that the knee injury was caused by the back.  I recovered from that.In addition to the scoliosis and spondylolisthesis, this MRI showed stenosis.I continued with chiropractic and massage therapies, but they were again only giving me temporary relief and the pain was getting worse, with pain in my lower back and my right leg.  I was having trouble standing for any length of time, walking and just no able to function as well as I had been.  The pain was getting excruciating.  I especially enjoy line dancing and that was getting more difficult to do.In March 201 I had another MRI which showed a bulge of two discs in addition to the other problems.I didn’t know what to do and was in a lot of pain.
I certainly didn’t want to have surgery.After talking to my niece Cathi, who was treated very successfully by Dr. Guadagnino on the DRX9000, I called Dr. Guadagnino’s office, had a consultation and started treatment on the DRX9000.  That was at the end of April 2011.  I cant’ tell you how much better I feel.  I have my life back, I can function and I can line dance!Everyone in the office is so caring and upbeat; you can’t help but get well with help with the DRX9000 of course!I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Dr. Guadagnino and his staff.  The treatment is absolutely painless and I will absolutely recommend Dr. Guadagnino and the DRX9000.
Nancy Schrempp

August 14, 2011Hi-my name is Cathi.  I am 43 years old and have had back problems since 1982.In 1982 I injured my back and herniated two discs: L4 and L5.  I was hospitalized and put in traction for two weeks, and sent home with prescription for Motrin.For the next 20 years I had pain in my back on a daily basis, with the bad days having me off my feet lying on the floor for up to a week at a time.  In the late 1990’s I started chiropractic care which helped get me back on my feet quicker on my bad days, and helped manage my pain on a day-to-day basis.In 2003 I was off my feet and walking with crutches due to surgery on my right foot.  This aggravated my back a lot, to the point where the pain medications were not enough. I went to my orthopedist and got an epidural. This allowed me to be pain free for 3 years.  As I understand it now, this was masking the problem, not helping it.  In fact, over those 3 years the discs in my back were getting much worse.This brings me to the fall of 2006.  My back started to hurt again, and within a month I was barely able to walk.  In the hospital I received another epidural and was sent home.  Within 3 days the pain was worse and I could not walk.  Back to the hospital and I had a partial discectomy.  This surgery got rid of all the old pain.  I did have nerve damage that affected my left leg and new aches and pains.  With a lot of Physical therapy my leg got somewhat better and the new pain went away.By 2009 my back hurt again.  I was told by a neurosurgeon that it wasn’t bad enough to allow me to be a candidate for fusion surgery or disc replacement surgery.  I start seeing Dr. Guadagnino in August 2009.  I went through a series of treatments with the DRX9000 and am happy to say that I no longer take pain meds on a daily basis and on most days feel better than I have in many years.  
Cathi Dawson